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Airbnb management done properly..

At guested we want to allow hosts to get more from their house without the hassle.

We actually started managing our own Air BnB portfolio and quickly realised that in order be a great host you need to really pay attention to the little things. 

Getting your super host status and keeping it is no joke.

At first, we found it hard to find quality cleaners that turned up and we were super consistent, and our family laundry started to get out of control. 

Guests need your love 24 hours a day around the globe, 

As we got more successful, we became busier and busier. It got harder to maintain that 5-star experience.

And don't even think about going on holiday as your phone is never truly off. 

Our Story

We realised that running a hospitality business is not a passive investment. It's an everyday business and requires operational awesomeness to be successful, you need to be able to automate your end-to-end process from listings to check-ins, to reviews.  

And you really can't do that as a one-man team. 

We started to get really good at it across our own portfolio of 10+ units. And then people started asking us to do it for them. 

So we did. And we are awesome at it.

And we hired our own team for cleaning, maintenance, laundry, customer service, and operations. 

And boom! 

We are currently covering Bristol but will be looking further afield soon.


Meet The Team


Fraser Day

Nerd and Founder


Jermaine Hughes

Operations Manager and Gym Beast


Helen Semark

Customer Lover and Wordsmith

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-19 at 9.30_edited

Haida Kiani

Cleaning Operations Connoisseur


Clair Tipton

Laundry Legend


Chris Orchard



Ruben Abaa

Customer Service


Kristan Ivan Pineda

Customer Service

SITE PIC_edited.jpg

Sean Saulog

SEO Expert

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