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How does guested's Airbnb management work? 

  • Whats included in your service?
    Please go ahead and check out the services page that provides a full breakdown.
  • How much will my property rent for?
    That largely depends on the location, size and quality and price. We use experience and tools to give you an estimate.
  • Is my house suitable?
    Well just get in touch and we can tell you, We obviously want it to be successful for all parties.
  • How can i check my performance?
    We are looking to release a more dynamic reporting capability and app for hosts to check bookings, occupancy, earnings and fees. But at the moment we can provide these monthly for you.
  • What locations do you manage properties?
    Anywhere in Bristol at the moment.
  • What is your pricing?
    Please check out our pricing page for a detailed overview. We have short medium and long term plans which vary in fees. There are some setup costs to get you listed and optional extras.
  • Why is 3 months your minimum?
    Because if costs a lot and takes a significant time to get the property ready. So its not worth doing very short term deals.
  • What if i have more than 1 property?
    Great - Landlords and investors please get in touch for a meeting and discussion about how we can help. We are able to help with blocks and portfolios.
  • How do guested charge?
    We calculate our fees as a percentage of the booking revenue. The fee varies based on contract length.
  • How long till i can start earning?
    With a bit of planning the average is 3-5 days.
  • How will i get paid?
    You will get paid directly from the booking platform and then deductions will be made on a monthly basis.
  • What if i want to cancel?
    You will be signing up to a time based contract. You can end your contract at the end with no penalty. If you decide to end your contract before the end date you will be charged for fees on any bookings that have been made up until contract end. You will also be responsible for cancellation fees from the booking platforms themselves.
  • What is a short term rental management service?
    We rent your home on the major travel sites for short term rental and manage the operational tasks day to day, allowing you to maximize profit in the property without the management overhead yourselves.
  • How is short term rental different?
    Renting on Airbnb is more flexible than taking a tenant for 6-12 months. You dont need to contract with tenants on an AST contract. You can maximize rental profits with freedom.
  • How much does cost manage an Airbnb?
    We charge between 14% and 18% for a full management service.
  • What are the cleaning rates?
    These are documented in the pricing section and your management agreement. Cleaning rates are paid for by guests and passed through to our cleaners on the monthly deductions.
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